How We Work

Welcome to InvisibleOffer.com where you can offer to buy anything from anyone – and remain completely anonymous!
Whether you want to buy some clothing at the mall or an apartment block in the city – all you need is an email address for the store, contact person, or owner of the item or service that you want to try and buy!

Maybe you hate bargaining in person? Would rather not pay full price? Perhaps what you want to buy is not even publicly for sale… it doesn’t matter! With InvisibleOffer you can try to buy anything you want while keeping your identity to yourself! InvisibleOffer is free, fun, and fantastically simple – all you need is an email address for whoever it is you want to send an offer to!

So go ahead – see if you can get a great deal on that 5 star hotel you know has vacancy! Send that Realtor a price that makes sense to YOU for your dream home! Bargain for that new car of truck online without feeling embarassed or awkward! Have fun, pay what you want to pay, and only reveal your identity when YOU’RE ready!

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